Welcome to KosherBerlin.com. We are happy to finally bring Certified Mehadrin kosher food to the German capital. In recent years we have seen kosher businesses in Berlin, but many of them have closed and some others among the existing businesses are not certified kosher. With the ever growing expansion and popularity of this great city… Read more >>


Our Services:


Food Delivery

We deliver kosher (mehadrin) food to Berlin residents and visitors from around the world. We offer a selection of meat as well as vegetarian dishes, and, of course, a nice selection of awesome Parveh desserts.

Group Catering

We provide catering solutions for various group gatherings. Our service includes fixed dining setting solutions as well as ready-made carry on food boxes.

Event Catering

We provide catering services for all sorts of kosher events whether public, festive, business, or privately held, we can offer a wide range of catering solutions to fit the unique needs of each and every event.

Kosher Gifts

We deliver in and around Berlin giftts for any occasion. We offer wine bottles, special cakes or complete gift baskets. And if you like, we also add a custom greeting card to your gift delivery.

For more information and to place an order please send us a message